Project leader

HR Wallingford

This project is led by HR Wallingford, a not-for-profit, independent research organisation founded in 1947 specialising in research and consultancy including dams, hydraulics and hydrology. HR Wallingford employs 250 staff and works closely with government and non-governmental organisations worldwide to provide the evidence-based tools to support decision making related to dam and flood defence failures. In the past three years HR Wallingford has worked on some 50 dam projects worldwide, related to improving monitoring and reducing their probability of failure.  HR Wallingford has experience of using and applying EO-based information for a number of decision making tools, including to manage wetlands in the Nile River Basin and to monitor sources of diffuse pollution to respond to the requirements of the Water Framework Directive. HR Wallingford has led multi-million pound projects and multi-disciplinary teams including the €15 million FLOODsite project which had 36 partners located in 15 different countries.


Project funders


This project is funded by the UK Space Agency under the International Partnership Programme (IPP), a 5 year programme run by the UK Space Agency seeking to use space solutions to make a positive and practical impact on the lives of those living in emerging and developing economies.

IPP is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund, a fund from the UK Government which supports cutting-edge research and innovation strengths to deliver sustainable economic or societal benefits to emerging and developing countries around the world.

Project partners

Telespazio VEGA

Telespazio VEGA UK

Telespazio VEGA, UK has been developing space services for over 40 years, with expertise in EO, communications and navigation.

Telespazio Vega UK has developed a real-time GNSS based object motion product with alerting and visualisation tool called SUMMIT SHM. SUMMIT can be deployed world-wide to most environments and it is entirely designed, manufactured, deployed and remotely maintained by the Telespazio Vega UK team. Survey data output can be remotely accessed and analysed from any computer anywhere in the world with internet provision. All the system maintenance is also done remotely.

 Siemens Corporate Technology

Siemens is an innovation and technology leader in industrial automation and digitalization. In close cooperation with partners and customers, Siemens is the driving force for the digital transformation in the discrete and process industries.

Siemens intelligent clean and waste water management solutions are sustainable and support reducing risks such as unconsented spills leading to pollution incidents, pump failures and the risks of internal and external sewer flooding and sewer collapse. IoT and AI solutions help clients to improve environmental compliance, sewer network availability and operational efficiency.

Satellite Applications CatapultSatellite Applications Catapult

The Satellite Applications Catapult is one of a network of UK technology and innovation companies which aim to drive economic growth through the commercialisation of research. The aim of the Catapult is to support UK industry by accelerating the growth of satellite applications and to contribute to capturing a 10% share of the global space market predicted by 2030. It aims to achieve this by exploiting the innovation potential in the UK industrial and academic communities, by being a focal point where small and medium enterprises, large industry and end users can work together with researchers to challenge barriers, explore and develop new ideas, and bring these to commercial reality.

Point of contact:

Oxford Policy Management Oxford Policy Management Limited

International development consultancy that is committed to helping policy makers design and implement sustainable reforms for reducing social and economic disadvantage in low-income countries. OPM has over 35 years’ experience in providing rigorous analysis, policy advice, management and training services to national governments, international aid agencies and other public sector and non-government organisations.

SmithSchool_OU_notProvidedThe Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford

Dr McElroy’s from The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment is a partner of the project. Her work has focused on the interactions between the mining industry, environment and development. She has addressed the institutional challenges to private sector involvement in development through an investigation of the use of corporate foundations in the mining industry, involving fieldwork with major mining firms in South Africa, Namibia, Mongolia and Chile.


Ciemam is a mining and environmental research and consultancy company founded in 2015 and operating in the Cajamarca region in Peru. CIEMAM specialises in environmental assessments, rehabilitation and restoration projects and capacity building activities.

Point of contact: Raphael Delgado,

Logo for the partner Fundación Nacional de Ingeniería HidráulicaFundación Nacional de Ingeniería Hidráulica (National Foundation for Hydraulics)

The National Foundation for Hydraulics carries out studies and projects related to hydrology and hydraulics with the objective of minimising natural hazards.  They work closely with the mining industry in Peru and in the region of Cajamarca where most of the mines are located.

Point of contact: Hans Sanchez

cajamarca-university-logoFacultad de Ingeniería and Escuela de Ingenieria Hidraulica, Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca (Faculty of Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering Department, National University of Cajamarca)

The Faculty of Engineering, founded in 1963 is part of the National University of Cajamarca, one of the leading training institutions in the north of Peru. The Hydraulic Engineering Department is one of the sixth main Departments of the Faculty of Engineering and was created with the objective to contribute to the scientific research on the use of renewable resources for sustainable development.

Point of contact: Oswaldo Ortiz Vera