• Project Summary (June 2020) – A short overview of DAMSAT stating its benefits and the solution provided.
  • DAMSAT Case Study (June 2020) – It provides an overview of the results achieved and lessons learnt so far.

Technical information about DAMSAT


Conference papers

Interesting links

  • OSINERGMIN map of mining activities in Peru, including closed tailings deposits (in Spanish).
  • Website from Devex and partners (Devex is a media media platform for the global development community) that explores how satellite applications and space technology can transform global development and humanitarian aid.
  • If you want to know more about the benefits of satellite technology, satellite types, etc, look at this website In particular, here you can find more explanations about how Earth Observation satellites work
  • Space for Development website produced by Caribou Digital with the support from UKSA IPP providing a unified view of the knowledge, initiatives and community using space for development benefits. Here  you can download the catalogue of space-based solutions that address development challenges.
  • The Global Tailings Portal is a searchable database with information of more than 1,800 tailings dams around the world.
  • If you want to learn more about tailings dams, how they are distributed around the world and the risk associated to these structures, here you can find an article by Reuters that covers all these topics and more.

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