International Workshop “Peru SAT-1. Lessons learnt in 2018”

Jean Carlo Tirado from the National Foundation for Hydraulics and Gilberto Zelada from the Faculty of Engineering attended the International Workshop “Peru SAT-1. Lessons learnt in 2018” on the 4th to 6th of December in Lima, Peru.

The event was organised by the Peruvian Space Agency – CONIDA with the objective to exchange experiences on the use of satellite images and technology, an in particular on the Peru SAT-1, the first Peruvian satellite in operation since 2016.

The workshop was useful to explore how satellite images can support the decision-making process of public authorities, how to promote knowledge sharing activities and to exchange experiences with other Space Agencies and research groups in Latin America.

Gilberto Zelada with Captain Paola Won Hidalgo, responsible of the Cooperation and Inter-Institutional Relations Department

Nortemin Conference, Cajamarca, November 2018

Olalla Gimeno from HR Wallingford, presented an overview of the project at Nortemin, the third International Mining Symposium and Exhibition in Cajamarca on the 30th of November 2018. You can find her presentation (in Spanish) in the Resources page.