Spreading the word in Peru and Bolivia

Dr Marta Roca from HR Wallingford presented an overview of the project at CONEIC 2018, the national congress of civil engineering students that took place in August at Cusco, Peru. She also provided training on Earth Observations Techniques and presented an overview of the project in Bolivia at a module of the Master of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering organised by the Technical University of Oruro in both Oruro and La Paz sites. Oruro, the fifth largest city in Bolivia and in the Altiplano, at 3,700 m above sea level, is the capital of the Oruro department, which is heavily dependent on the mining industry (tin, copper, silver and gold among others).

Presentation of the project at CONEIC 2018
Mining site near Oruro
Uru Uru lake at the outskirts of Oruro, part of the largest Titicaca Lake basin system